Friday, June 13, 2014

New Queens Round 3...

I received 2 queens yesterday from Broke-T from Mississippi. The rain has been keeping up so I couldn't find time to get a split done until this morning. I pulled a split from the white hive for the Lexi nuc and from the blue hive for the Cassie nuc. By the time I was ready to put the queens in late this evening most of the bees from the Cassie nuc returned but those in the Lexi nuc stayed it looks. After installing the queens I added a box to the top of the Cassie nuc with newspaper in between and added a cup or so of bees from the blue hive to it. Hopefully they stay. The Cassie nuc only has about half a frame of bees before I added more but there's 2 frames full of capped brood. Hopefully it emerges soon to boost numbers. Hopefully the added bees stay also and accept the new queen.

Also wanted to note the blue hive was a bit testy today. I was in the brood nest so I can't really blame them but if it continues when I pull honey at the end of this month I many consider re-queening them. Mostly they've been passive but today was different. I can't blame them though as I was tearing their home apart. Like I said I will evaluate how they are when I pull honey then decide what I'm going to do with them. They've been great bees but if they're turning hot they'll have to go.

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