Monday, August 4, 2014

What about August?

I've heard that a swarm in July isn't worth a fly but I wonder what a swarm in August isn't worth...

It looks like the orange hive swarmed sometime today or yesterday. I found a decent size cluster in a peach tree late this evening. I was able to get them into a nuc and set. I spent a little while watching and I'm pretty certain they are from the Orange hive. It's pretty easy to tell if a hive is queenless from there behavior and the Orange hive was showing all the signs. I will leave it alone until this weekend and then take a look.I'll also watch the orange nuc and see if they stay over the week. I didn't have any spare comb so I put them on foundation. Shouldn't have any problem though as they didn't waste much on the branch I found them clustered on. I'm on the wall about feeding them to get them ready for winter. I guess I'll see how they do after a couple of weeks then decide.

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